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What is Information Technology?


Information Technology (IT) is everyday technology used to acquire, store, manipulate or transmit information; such as telephones and telecommunications products, video equipment, websites, message systems, computer hardware, and more. Accessible IT (AIT) is information technology designed with special features and properties built-in that make it more useable for people with a variety of disabilities.

Examples of Accessible Information Technology include:

  • Computer software that works with text-to-speech software
  • Web pages with resizable fonts
  • Desktop computers with front-mounted audio and USB ports
  • Printers and copiers with simple layouts and easy-to-reach controls
  • Message systems with text captioning options

In schools AIT allows students with awide range of abilities and disabilities to participate in the same curriculumtogether, and reduces the time and money technology specialists and administrators spend on maintaining adapted and separate technology.

For More information about AIT visit: AccessIT

AccessIT features the AccessIT Knowledge Base, a searchable, growing database of questions and answers regarding accessible electronic and information technology. It is designed for educators, policy makers, librarians, technical support staff, and students and employees with disabilities and their advocates.

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