This Code is intended to ensure that the built environment, including all spaces and elements of all applicable buildings and facilities in the State of Illinois is so designed, constructed, and/or altered to assure the safety and welfare of all members of society and to be readily accessible to, and usable by, environmentally limited persons. The contact information listed here is for the Capital Development Board (CDB).
Douglas Gamble
Capital Development Board
3rd Floor, William G. Stratton Building
401 South Spring Street
Springfield, Illinois 62706

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The Fire and Building Code Enforcement Branch encourages the development of building code law enforcement programs within state agencies and political subdivisions and exercises any program of supervision that is approved by the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission. The branch enforces building laws and related variances as well as other orders that apply to Class I structures, industrialized buildings and mobile structures.

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The board has the responsibility to receive, review, and process requests for exceptions to the barrier free design specifications; require appropriate equivalent alternatives when exceptions are granted; receive, process, and make recommendations for barrier free design rules. The Michigan Barrier Free Design Board is part of the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth's Bureau of Construction Codes.

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This chapter of the Minnesota State Building Code contains detailed accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities in new buildings, additions to buildings and buildings undergoing alterations. It does not apply to residential dwellings having three or fewer dwelling units in a building. Examples of subjects regulated include, site access to buildings, accessible restroom features, accessibility between different floor levels, features for sight and hearing impaired persons, etc. This resource is housed within the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Minnesota Construction Codes and Licensing Division.

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Functions of the Board of Building Standards: A) Formulate, adopt, and amend the Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Elevator, Boiler, and Pressure Piping Codes. B) Certify municipal, county, and township building departments to exercise enforcement authority and to accept and approve plans and specifications, and make inspections and to inspect power, refrigerating, hydraulic, heating, oxygen and other gaseous piping, and liquefied petroleum gas piping systems. C) Conduct hearings, make investigations as deemed necessary or desirable in the discharge of its duties. The BBS is a part of the Division of Industrial Compliance, in the Ohio Department of Commerce.
6606 Tussing Road, P.O. Box 4009
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-9009

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