ABLEDATA provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States. We serve the nation's disability, rehabilitation, and senior communities. We do not produce, distribute or sell any of the products listed on this website, but we provide you with information on how to contact manufacturers or distributors of these products. We also do not produce any type of catalog.
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 930
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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The Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals Crossroads provides assistive technology, equipment and services to individuals with disabilities.
4740 Kingsway Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205

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Michigan's Assistive Technology Program is part of the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC), a state-wide network of individuals and organizations that advances the issues of Michigan's disability community through grassroots activism, public education and advocacy.
Michigan Disability Rights Coalition
3498 East Lake Lansing Road, Ste 100
East Lansing, MI 48823

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Assistive Technology of Michigan’s four-step solution for the computer access, ergonomics, environmental control, and work site accommodation allows adults and children with physical, sensory, cognitive or learning disabilities to lead independent, productive lives.
43000 West Nine Mile Rd. Suite 113
Novi, Michigan 48375

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Assistive Technology of Ohio (AT Ohio) is a federally funded non-proft organization housed at The Ohio State University. AT Ohio's fiscal agent is The Ohio State University Research Foundation. AT Ohio is the officially designated tech act program for Ohio. AT Ohio's mission is to help Ohioans with disabilities acquire assistive technology. We offer several programs and services to achieve that goal. We also keep up with current legislative activity that affects persons with disabilities.
Dodd Hall Address
Assistive Technology of Ohio 
Rm 1139 Dodd Hall
480 Medical Center Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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Since its inception in 1979, the Breaking New Ground Resource Center in Purdue's Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering has become internationally recognized as the primary source for information and resources on rehabilitation technology for persons working in agriculture.
ABE Building
225 S. University St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907

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Computers are tools that can provide solutions to many problems facing people with disabilities today. Closing The Gap, Inc. is an organization that focuses on assistive technology for people with special needs through its bimonthly magazine, annual international conference and extensive Web site.
526 Main Street
P.O. Box 68
Henderson, Minnesota 56044

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IATP's believes that disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes a person's right to: live independently; enjoy self-determination and make choices; benefit from an education; pursue meaningful careers; and enjoy full inclusion and integration in the economic, political, social, cultural, and educational mainstream of society in the United States. IATP's primary focus is on education, employment, community living, information technology and telecommunications. Our mission is to enable people with disabilities so they can fully participate in all aspects of life.
1 West Old State Capitol Plaza
Suite 100
Springfield, Illinois

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The Mission of Infinitec is to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults with disabilities through technology. The Infinitec staff helps people with disabilities find and get access to information, technology services, training, assistive equipment and specialists by creating partnerships that maximize resources. Assistive technology is any type of device that accomplishes a task for someone who cannot achieve it naturally. Examples include synthetic voice for speech, reading programs for those with learning disabilities or blindness, or a wheelchair for one who cannot walk on their own.
United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Chicago
547 W. Jackson Street, Suite 225
Chicago, Illinois 60661

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STAR's mission is to help ALL MINNESOTANS with disabilities gain access to and acquire the assistive technology they need to live, learn, work and play.
358 Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN 55155

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	 (888) 234-1267
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Our mission is to support people with a common interest in technology and disability. Therefore, our membership is multidisciplinary and international. As an organization, we promote research and development, education, advocacy and the provision of assistive technology while at the same time supporting the individuals engaged in these activities.
1700 N. Moore St
Suite 1540
Arlington, VA

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Trace Center Mission Statement: To prevent the barriers and capitalize on the opportunities presented by current and emerging information and telecommunication technologies, in order to create a world that is as accessible and usable as possible for as many people as possible.
Trace Research & Development Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2107 Engineering Centers Bldg.
1550 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

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WisTech provides information on selecting, funding, installing and using assistive technology.
Office of Independence and Employment
1 W. Wilson Street, Room 951
Madison, WI  53703

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