Coronavirus (COVID-19) National Resources

About This Resource List

The Great Lakes ADA Center is providing this list of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources based on up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Great Lakes region and known national, federal, and state sources.


  • We will update this list as new information is released.
  • The Great Lakes ADA Center does not give medical or legal advice.
  • Please contact healthcare or legal experts for more information.
  • We make every effort to provide the information in an accessible format. Accessibility cannot be guaranteed for external links.

National Resources

Coronavirus Resource List

Coronavirus — COVID-19 - Hesperian Health Guides

COVID-19 Information for People with Disabilities, Older Adults, and Others with Functional or Access Needs | Project REDD

Tip Cards for First Responders  or  PDF

Visual guide Stay Safe during the Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus (COVID-19) What you need to know - Infographic

Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 & Down Syndrome | Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Proper hand washing technique

DREDF Know Your Rights COVID-19 (PDF)

OCR Issues Bulletin on Civil Rights Laws and HIPAA Flexibilities That Apply During the COVID-19 Emergency

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Videos on COVID19 in ASL

Healthy People 2020 Accessibility Report (PDF)

Fact Sheet on the Accessibility of Drive-Thru-Medical sites

Spanish Language Resources

Recursos en español sobre coronavirus

Coronavirus- COVID-19 Guias de Salud por Hesperian

P & R sobre COVID-19 y el Sindrome de Down (PDF)

DREDF Conozca sus Derechos sobre COVID-19 (PDF)

Información detallada sobre COVID-19 que incluye: higiene, distanciamiento físico y síntomas

Todo lo que vdebes saber sobre el Coronavirus, IMSS Instituto Mexicano del Seguro, Gobierno de Mexico

Employment Resources

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) COVID-19 Employment Discrimination Information

COVID-19 Response: Digital Accessibility and Other Best Practices for Remote Work


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Thu Apr 16, 2020